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Stock Auditing and Stock Taking Services

Regular stocktakes and stock audits will help you protect profits and build business by identifying strengths and weaknesses in your control and stock management

What we do

Bar stocktakes

The stocktake team not only analyses your sales mix, item gross profit and stockholding to improve your margin they will advise you how you can improve your security to reduce risk.

Food stocktakes

The importance of food sales has grown significantly over the last 15 years.  The contribution made can be substantial so we help our clients get every last percent.

Financial audits

In a cash rich business, the risk of financial loss is substantial. From simple cash reconciliation to detailed financial auditing of accounts our team will help you monitor what is happening with your money, advising you on steps that will help you avoid loss.

On-line stocktake service

Our on-line management and stocktake system enable you to see at a glance how your business is performing.  No scary surprises just good solid information.

Stocktake training

Though you have regular external stocktakes it is always good to periodically do your own in-house.  We will provide a simple system and train you and your team to complete your own stocktakes. 

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Stock Taking and Stock Auditing

Regular stocktakes will help you protect profits and build business by identifying strengths and weaknesses in your control and stock management.

Southwell Stock Auditors are specialists providing bar and food stocktakes and stock audits for the licensed trade and hospitality industry. Our professional stocktakers will work closely with you to help you maximise your turnover and profits.

Once we have completed the stocktake we will sit down with you and go through our reports

  • Identifying actual stock performance against expected - identifying theft or stock loss
  • Product by product analysis - ensuring every product line performs to the maximum
  • Analysing your purchases - making sure you only pay for what you've received
  • Stockholding - identifying if your cash is being held needlessly in a cellar instead of being in your bank
  • Gross Profit calculator - outlining the average profit values for each product stocked and your overall sales mix

The value of a stocktake is often overlooked however tiny adjustments in many aspects including pricing, product choice and cellar management can make a huge difference to wastage, product quality and most of all - your profits. Our dedicated stocktaking team is passionate about the business and they will advise you on how to transform your bottom line.

Make Southwell Stock Auditors your first call for:

  • Your regular bar, food and retail stocktakes
  • Year-end valuations
  • Insurance and business recovery valuations
  • Business transfers


Bookkeeping, Accounts & Payroll

Running a pub or restaurant is a demanding job with long hours and where you have to where many hats. Tackling your weekly bookwork can often be a task too far.

SC Stock Auditors provide a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service that takes the pressure away from you enabling you to focus on your customers.

We provide a fully comprehensive support package including

  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Business review
  • Completion of MGD, VAT and HMRC payroll returns

Our partner, Andrew Cooper & Co, will prepare your year-end returns and audited accounts